Some gestures from class, 1-2 minutes each.

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Another Art Dump

Some stuff I've done lately :)

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Art Dump

Haven't posted for a while, so here's some of the stuff I've been doing!
The rough of Elizabeth from Bioshock

The lineart, still haven't colored yet

A request from my roommate of Indiana Jones riding the Catbus

The Exorcist if it'd gone a different direction

Cerberus as a Puppy
A little doodle comic I want to start doing about incompetent Teen Detectives who happen to be twins names Tracy and Dick....I couldn't resist :)

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Sailors Colored

Doodle from class that I colored.

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A doodle from class, will color it soon.

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Doodle Colored

A doodle I colored, may have gone overboard with the textures on overlay.
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New art

This Sweater girl was originally a doodle by my talented friend Alisa Bishop, who's blog can be found here
I did the colors.

These are some explorations of shadow dudes for a storyboard assignment.

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